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Judith: Women Making Visual Poetry is a 260-page, full-colour pdf featuring visual poetry from 36 women in 21 countries, a foreword by Johanna Drucker, and essays on digital visual poetry and the future of visual poetry by Fiona Becket, on women in asemic writing by Natalie Ferris, and on feminist practice with Letraset, the ephemeral and fragility by Kate Siklosi. The book also features an excerpt from a roundtable interview of 13 women artists who work with language and craft. A list of 1181 women currently making visual poetry is also included. The anthology is edited by Amanda Earl.


The following creators contribute visual poetry to Judith:

Firyal Al-Adhamy
Rosaire Appel
Erica Baum
Jessica Bebenek
Mez Breeze
Kimberly Campanello
Iris Colomb
Susan Connolly
Judith Copithorne
Kate Daudy
Paula Damm
Lenora de Barros
Johanna Drucker
Amanda Earl
CC Elian
Cinzia Farina
Mara Patricia Hernandez
Tasneem F. Inam
Effie Jessop
Satu Kaikkonen
Dona Mayoora
Kerri Pullo
Viviane Rombaldi Seppey
Astra Papachristodoulu
Mado Reznik
Karenjit Sandhu
Petra Schulze-Wollgast
Ines Seidel
Kate Siklosi
Lina Stern
Stephanie Strickland
Hiromi Suzuki
Ankie van Dijk
Seet van Hout
Terri Witek
Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt
Audra Wolowiec


The term ‘visual poetry’ within the book is a global term used for all work that integrates elements of language with another medium or engages with the graphical elements of text and mark making.


The low representation of women in canonical 20th century concrete and visual poetry anthologies is well-known, but what is perhaps less known is that anthologies that have published visual poetry in this century also suffer from gender imbalance.


There is a domino effect when women are erased from canons. Scholars who have access to research only about men will write articles and books on their work alone. This helps create the impression that the only important and interesting work is done by men. This book seeks to address and correct that imbalance.


The book is named after Judith Copithorne, a Canadian visual poet who has been active since the 1960s and deserves greater recognition and acknowledgement.


260 pages, high definition pdf. Contains 180 colour images.


Go here for reviews, interviews, citations etc.

Judith: Women Making Visual Poetry (digital PDF version)

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