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Anthology of women's poetry a feast for the senses

By: Jonathan Ball

Posted: 4:00 AM CDT Saturday, Jul. 31, 2021

Edited by Amanda Earl, Judith: Women Making Visual Poetry (Timglaset, 256 pages, $43) offers a feast of wide-ranging work. Including 36 women from 21 countries and more than 160 full-colour images alongside interviews, artistic statements and other contextual information, the anthology features a massive amount of excellent and often unique visual work.

Standouts include Astra Papchristodoulou and her sculptural poems, including puzzle-poems, birthday candles, and books made out of bio-resin and words. Mado Reznik’s impressive excerpts from her 30,000 series mourns the victims of Argentina’s last civic-military dictatorship — one of the visual poems is a book that contains pages full of holes, while another features an installation that includes 30,000 hand-knotted threads.

Kate Siklosi’s work threads together the natural and domestic spaces through literally threading words to leaves. Countless other excellent examples abound in this must-have anthology.

Citations and references

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