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This book is about unrelated things perceived as connected and significant. Pareidolia is this tendency in the context of reactions to visual stimuli. A cloud looks like a ship, a cluster of stars looks like a bear, a rock looks like a face. This book is about words. Just not their meaning. Which is to say, it’s about words, language, signs, lines and scribbles, as visual entities and graphic constructions, as material and impulse. Asemic writing would be the technical term; writing without semantic content.


"By a default paradox, it is close to impossible to accidentally create something on purpose. To write language, I think language. Mostly all the marks, the slashes and scrawls, come from a place of meaning, a stream of consciousness, or words that came into my mind, which I then tried to dismember on the page. Mostly all, but not always. Some are just marks."


"Asemia is for writing what pareidolia is for imagery. This book is faces and words, but also neither. It looks like, but it isn’t. Or it is."


Pareidolia - Dotremont's Daughter, 37 pages, high quality digital print on high grade matte paper, 150 gsm, with a cover of recycled brown card stock, assembled with interscrews from Manchester Automatic Machining Company Ltd. A4 landscape format (297 x 210 mm).


Vilde Valerie Bjerke Torset, Pareidolia - Dotremont's Daughter

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