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No.9 of the TYPEWRITTEN series: Coronavirus Genome (Monolith) by Tom Phillips.

This book contains the complete typewritten Coronavirus genome (29,903 characters), two statements by the author and a printer’s summary.


'Completed at the start of the lockdown associated with the Coronavirus outbreak in the UK this piece is a meditation, a study in repetition, the starkness of data, the search for patterns, for meaning.'

'Monolith is a representation of a point in time. It is a base, a marker, a touchstone around which our changing understanding, our shifting response, our renewed and altered outlooks for the future revolve. It is our response to this virus that matters and will be remembered, as it is that which we ultimately have control over. Our actions hold lasting effect. The virus is a technicality.'


Printed on psw's Gestetner 320 mimeograph. Handbound edition of 70 copies of which 54 are for sale, 22 pages, A4 size.


The TYPEWRITTEN series is edited by psw and published jointly by Plaugolt Satzwechsler and Timglaset Editions.


Tom Phillips is a writer and artist based in south London.


Engaged by Mike Ferguson at gravyfromthegazebo blog.

Tom Phillips, Coronavirus Genome (Monolith)

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