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The new issue of the world's best magazine for concrete and visual poetry contains geometric work by 17 participating poets. Edited, published and printed by psw, stocked by Timglaset. Mimeo printed in an edition of 100 copies.


Participating poets and artists:

  • Anamaría Briede Westermeyer (Chile)
  • Andrew Topel (USA)
  • Claire Yspol (UK)
  • Donato Mancini (Canada)
  • Duša Jesih (Slovenia & USA)
  • Eric Schmaltz (Canada)
  • Eva Hejdström (Sweden)
  • Karl-Heinz Adler (Germany)
  • Leah Mackin (USA)
  • Linda Simon (UK)
  • Logan K. Young (USA)
  • Manfred Mohr (Germany / USA)
  • Piotr Szreniawski (Poland)
  • Sarah Callesen (New Zealand)
  • Sivan Rubinstein (France)
  • Thomas Poeser (Germany)

ToCall magazine #8

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