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ToCall No.14 is a special issue marveling at the variety of Concrete Poetry in found material, discovered pure or taken as a starting point for creation. It’s featuring works by 19 artists and poets.


The one-word poem on the cover is a frottage of a lettering guide stencil found on ebay.


The magazine is printed with a mimeograph duplicator Gestetner 320 on old typewriter paper made in the GDR. Because of the pandemic lockdown, psw doesn’t have access to the Risograph to make the masters - so she had to do them with an electronic cutter, an old fax, and a pocket jet printer in her home studio.


Mimeo printed edition of 100 copies.


Contributors to this issue:

  • Alexey Narodizkiy (Russia)
  • Ankie van Dijk (Netherland)
  • Billy Mavreas (Canada)
  • Brandstifter (Germany)
  • Ben Robinson (Canada)
  • Christin Walde (Canada)
  • Hart Broudy (Canada)
  • Ines Seidel (Germany)
  • Joe Devlin (UK)
  • Julia Ziegler (Germany)
  • Julie Johnstone (UK)
  • Kevin Stebner (Canada)
  • Matthew Richardson (UK)
  • Michał Kamil Piotrowski (UK)
  • Miguel Jimenez (Spain)
  • Nico Vassilakis (USA)
  • Peter Hitchen (UK)
  • Poppy Lekner (New Zealand)
  • psw (Germany)

ToCall Magazine #14

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