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ToCall No.13 is a special issue focusing on women content featuring works by 15 artists and poets.


The one-word poem on the cover includes all the modular type components of tlaloc/tocall, direct stylus written on an original Gestetner wax stencil, and finally kissed with alpha-set stamps. 


Contributors to #13:

  • Angela Caporaso (Italia)
  • Clara Daneri (UK)
  • Helen Frank (UK)
  • Dani Spinosa (Canada)
  • Elee Kraljii Gardiner (Canada)
  • Julie Johnstone (UK)
  • Julie Morrissy (Ireland)
  • Meg Hitchcock (USA)
  • Penny Alexander (UK)
  • psw (Germany)
  • Rasiqra Revulva (Canada)
  • Sarah Moody (USA)
  • Sharon Kivland (France & UK)
  • Stefana McClure (USA)
  • Tanja Zimmermann (Germany)


The magazine is printed with a mimeograph duplicator Gestetner 320 on old typewriter paper made in GDR.Mimeo printed edition of 100 copies

ToCall Magazine #13

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