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ToCall #11 is a special issue dedicated to alphabets and alphabetic works of concrete poetry and features work by 17 artists and poets.


The cover page is guest-created by jwcurry (Canada). Delighted with the idea of the traditional tlaloc/tocall one-word poem he made this piece using his self-made quadrabet.


The magazine is printed by psw using a mimeograph duplicator Gestetner 320 on old typewriter paper made in GDR in an edition of 100 copies.


Contributors to this issue:

  • Anna Hedenrud (Sweden)
  • Caroline Kha (UK)
  • Charles Reynolds (USA)
  • Donato Mancini (Canada)
  • Ege Berensel (Turkey)
  • Guy Bigland (UK)
  • Felipe Zapico Alonso (Spain)
  • Francesca Capone (USA)
  • Helen Frank (UK)
  • Ilse Garnier (Germany/France)
  • Kamilla Jørgensen (Denmark)
  • Lisa Golze (Germany)
  • Meher Manda (India/USA)
  • Raul Meel (Estonia)
  • Sacha Archer (Canada)
  • Stefana McClure (USA)
  • TAM (Germany)


Sold out here but still available for purchase at psw's webshop.

ToCall Magazine #11

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