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ToCall magazine is inspired by the last issue of Tlaloc, published in 1970 and edited by Cavan McCarthy.


For this first issue, psw invited some of her artist friends with whom shes cooperate, publishes and swaps works and ideas. Thank you so much for your generous and fruitful fellowship!


The typewritten cover work based on a poem by Bob Cobbing, appeared in Tlaloc issue no.9.


Mimeo printed edition of 100 copies.


ToCall No.1 contributors

  • Amanda Earl (Canada)
  • Anatol Knotek (Austria)
  • Andreas Bülhoff (Germany)
  • Anthony Etherin (UK)
  • Barrie Tullett (UK)
  • Derek Beaulieu (Canada)
  • Fatima Queiros (Brazil)
  • Jesus Morentin (Spain)
  • Joakim Norling (Sweden)
  • Kyle Flemmer (Canada)
  • Lina Nordenström (Sweden)
  • Moritz Grünke (Germany)
  • Pete Spence (Australia)
  • Rosaire Appel (USA)

ToCall Magazine #1

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