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This issue features only contributions from women – to celebrate all those women, the world over, who are creating great concrete poetry!

The traditional one-word poem on the cover is based on a poem by Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt. The title of the original poem „Sammlung/Streuung“ fits well with what we are doing with this magazine: collecting works and spreading the word.

Edited, published and printed by psw, stocked by Timglaset.

Mimeo printed edition of 100 copies



  • Ana María Uribe (Argentinia)
  • Amanda Earl (Canada)
  • Astra Papachristodoulou (Greece & UK)
  • Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim (Norway)
  • Dani Spinosa (Canada)
  • Elza Javakhishvili (Georgia & Germany)
  • Emma Lloyd (UK)
  • Erica Baum (USA)
  • Imogen Reid (UK)
  • Johanna Drucker (USA)
  • Kamilla Jørgensen (Denmark)
  • Kimberly Campanello (USA & Ireland)
  • Lina Nordenström (Sweden)
  • Maggie Rosenau (USA)
  • Rosaire Appel (USA)

ToCall Magazine #6

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