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A Box of Ideas contains 58 cards, each with an idea for a poetry collection, ranging from the humorous to the conceptually elaborate. The perfect accompaniment for poets who have run out of ideas, each card both an idea and a poem in itself.


Stephen Emmerson (UK) has published many card decks, poetic visuals, vials and other poetry objects. Some of them are even books. This is his first project for Timglaset.


59 cards with rounded corners, printed on 300 gsm paper and presented in a smart black box, embossed with the title. Size of box: 115 x 163 x 35 mm. Edition of 99 copies.


Blog post by Elias Hillström on 'A Box of Ideas' here.

Fatured as part of the exhibition 'Poetry Games: Playing with Words' at the National Poetry Library, London.

Stephen Emmerson, A Box of Ideas

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