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Following Sacha Archer's excellent book of rubber stamp poems, 'Mother's Milk', Timglaset Editions is proud to present 'The Birthday Party', a broadsheet rubber stamp poem, measuring 342 X 297 mm. Available as a once folded sheet (3€) or rolled up in a tube (5€. High quality digital print on 160 gsm matte paper FSC. Limited edition of 60 copies.


Sacha Archer:

"I don't know what I would write about the piece. I just made it, you know? The title references the band The Birthday Party which was an early venture of Nick Cave's. Obviously there are certain moments in the piece which led me to think of a birthday, there are the balloons on the left, and at the top there is what seems like a clown's frill, so those prompts plus the energy of the piece, the intensity of it brought me back to that band/album. The story I heard about The Birthday Party is that Nick Cave hadn't heard punk—this is early, original punk I'm talking about, like, the Sex Pistols. So, he hadn't heard it, but had heard about it, the rawness and dirtiness of it, and he goes and makes this music which he thinks must be punk. It isn't, but it's fucking wild and amazing. I have no idea if that story is at all true, but it hardly matters. So, yeah, anyway, that energy is there in the work... though it didn't come from that music, though probably from a similar place."

Sacha Archer, The Birthday Party

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