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Mother's Milk is a selection of the rubber stamp based concrete poems Sacha Archer produced during a short time span past winter. These poems are teeming with the life suggested by the title.


"Archer entwines us in titillating tentacles of unfettered lettrocity, ensnaring us in a Triassic triage of thresholds and thaw. His work gorgeously leaks and spills, and from these fated inky puddles new species of language are born—bloody and amniotic, wailing as they dance in uninhibited animalistic frenzy." (Kate Siklosi)


"Archer’s craftsmanship is exceptional. Each piece is carefully made. Smudgy or hard when necessary, this work is an exciting and dynamic exploration of becoming and motion and stillness. Mother’s Milk is a powerful and welcome book — about life." (Hart Broudy)


Sacha Archer lives in Ontario, Canada with his wife and two daughters. He is the editor of Simulacrum Press. Archer’s latest chapbooks are Lines of Sight (nOIR:Z, 2020) and Houses (no press, 2020). Forthcoming chapbooks include Models (Simulacrum Press) and Framing Poems (Timglaset). His concrete poetry has been exhibited in the USA, Italy, and Canada. Find him on Facebook and Instagram @sachaarcher.


Mother's Milk, 84 pages, perfect bound, size 21 x 21 cm. High quality digital colour print. Edition limited to 99 copies. 


Reviewed by Richard Capener at The Babel Tower Notice Board.

Reviewed by Mark Laliberte in Carousel Magazine.


Sacha Archer, Mother's Milk

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