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breath:e st(utter)ance develops a method of notating a reading process, observing the act of meandering and stumbling through an existing text. It takes delight in the generative properties of error. As Samuel Beckett wrote Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.


Punctuation draws attention to the rhythm of breathing, marks the wrongly placed pauses, acknowledges the moments of distraction and association while reading. The work takes Gilles Deleuzes book The Logic of Sense as reading material to explore this process. Fragments of Deleuzes writing remain alongside autocorrections which act as associative lint, leading the writing, reading, and making process further astray. Misunderstandings and errors open up gaps in the work which possess a latent energy. These are spaces inhabited by the potentiality of that which is yet to happen: the as-yet-unwritten, the as-yet-unread, the as-yet-unspoken, the as-yet-unthought. Traces that exceed the limits of the spoken or written word.


An interest in visualising embodied experiences of reading drives the work. Producing objects and experiences that defy the logic of sense—a meandering lostness, material routes through a text made as a neurodiverse and queer reader. Voicing an other.






88 pages, of which 72 are transparent, A5 format. Contains one loose leaf insert. Limited edition of 125 copies. 

Rachel Smith, Breath:e St(utter)ance

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