abstract emotions is the fifth artist's book in the TYPEWRITTEN series, edited by psw and published by Plaugolt SatzWechsler and Timglaset. This book contains 15 typographics and a printer’s summary page. Printed on psw's Gestetner 320 mimeograph, handbound edition of 45 copies of which 29 are for sale, 40 pages, size 21x28cm.


These minimalist typewritings are an hommage to Agnes Martin. They delight in symmetry - and imperfection. Tightly controlled yet emotional, they preserve mistakes that may not be evident at first look. Like in Martin's work the traces of the human hand are always present.


"To be an artist, you look, you perceive, you recognize what is going through your mind. And it is not ideas. Everything you feel and everything you see and everything that your whole life goes through your mind, you know. But you have to recognize it and go with it and really feel it."


"I believe in living above the line. Above the line is happiness and love, you know. Below the line is all sadness and destruction and unhappiness. And I don’t go down below the line for anything."
Agnes Martin


Claudia de la Torre, editor, Backbone Books:

"Agnes Martin once said that she paints emotions not lines. That “it’s not the lines that express the emotion. It’s the scale of the composition.“In the same way, psw‘s typewriter characters occupy space within the sheet of paper. Both Petra and Agnes share a deep state of self-awareness that doesn’t strive to perfection. Soft changes in the canvas transform the space - line by line, and on paper - key by key.Claudia de la Torre, editor of backbonebooks


Sold out but still available for purchase at psw's webshop.

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