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Michael Orr's palingEnesia escapes easy definitions. ARe these works blueprints for 'pataphysical machines? Innovations in rubber stamp art? Secretive messages in a new visual language? They are all that and much more. palingEnesia represents a new kind of synthesis betwen visual poetry, abstract comics and collage art. Completely analog in origin, palingEnesia interrogates the boundaries berween the literary and visual arts in a unique and deeply personal way.


Bibiana Padilla Maltos:

Michael Orr's palingEnesia balances visuals and textuality in an array of exceptional concrete imagery. He creates a semiotic study that helps us scrutinize our personalities and cognition. With exceptional delicacy, Orr summons us to every page to witness his experimental poetics and conception of beauty.


142x180 mm, 32 pages, high quality full colour digital print. Contains 22 original pieces and an essay by De Villo Sloan. Edition of 99 copies.


Read a short interview with Michael Orr here!


Review by De Villo Sloan on Asemic Front here!

Michael Orr, palingEnesia

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