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Michael Orr returns with his second book for Timglaset. Evidence of Absence shows no evidence of an absence of creative genius. In this book he has developed and fine-tuned his analog techniques to create a masterful collection of visual poems characterized in Gary Barwin's foreword as "the pataphysical world of charts, blueprints, illustrations" and "tattoos for the polyglottal skin of the page."


Andrew Brenza:

"All of the images seem to float in space, materializing inexplicably from the nothing that surrounds them, and going nowhere beautifully. In short, Evidence of Absence is a secular hymn to the wonderful fact of being, to the presence that is both evidence of and evidence against what Wallace Stevens called 'the nothing that is.'"


Michael Orr, Evidence of Absence, 72 pp, 201 x 130 mm, high quality digital print, perfect bound, edition of 99 copies. Published June 13, 2021 to coincide with the 100th birthday of Michael's grandfather, Ladd J. Orr.

Michael Orr, Evidence of Absence

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