May Bery, Au Noir

What are these sixteen plates? Diagrams for celestial travel, drawn by an ancient alien civilisation? Blueprints for buildings we can’t quite fathom? Minutes from the meetings of a secret society? Au Noir by May Bery (Hatley, Quebec, Canada) escapes conventional categorisation, trusted definitions and the cliches that sometimes cripple this type of art. May Bery’s homage to blackness is a treasure and it’s a genuine pleasure for Timglaset to publish Au Noir. It’s a must have for anyone with an interest in what is happening at the intersection between writing and visual arts.


40 pages, 26 x 11 cm, ringbound top. Black & white digital print on Multidesign original white 170 gsm, cover 240 gsm. Contains 16 plates.


    Timglaset, Osbygatan 3, 21443 Malmö Sweden

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