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Typing (Not Writing) - Lines is the fourth artist's book in the TYPEWRITTEN series, edited by psw and published by Plaugolt SatzWechsler and Timglaset. This book contains 21 typings and a printer's summary page.


Marianne’ statement:

"Typing (Not Writing) is an evolving series of typewritten notes: immediate, responsive, repetitive and [perhaps, somewhat] materialising a futile but doggedly persistent desire to pin down [or pindown], define, know, hold in place, and/or identify literal meaning and exact expression, even when, or especially when, none exists.”


Appreciation from Dani Spinosa, author of OO:Typewriter Poems:

"So funny, how deeply Capote’s apocryphal critique of Jack Kerouac has cut all of us typists. What Capote seems to have been so angry about—the immediacy, the lack of revision—erupts out of Marianne Holm Hansen’s Typing (Not Writing) as a gorgeous test of what typewriting’s tendency towards order and lineation can do for the confessional self. Hansen’s lines here all go, and turn back, revise and rewrite, refine, and arrive finally at the overwriting of thought thinking, the openness of the line rather than its orderly closing. The typewriters here insist on speaking through the lines, their delightful variances adding meaning to the finish(ed) line(s) well beyond Hansen’s tentative intention. Hansen’s process here is clear, leaving beautiful space throughout the work for the reader to play in between these lines."


Handbound edition of 45 copies of which 29 are for sale, 40 pages, size 28x21 cm.

Marianne Holm Hansen homepage


Marianne Holm Hansen, Typing (Not Writing) - Lines

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