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TERES is a story. For example, it is a love triangle between Therese, Ester and Steve. It only needs the letters of a single word UNDERSTAND (VERSTEHEN) to be able to tell it in three parts in two languages: English in the first part, English and German in the second part, and German in the third part. However, you could also tell it in Swedish or in any other languages. TERES is a story of the letters that become signs from page to page, whereby the meanings of the letter-compositions increase. Although there is one story, it can happen that more and other readings are possible from page to page and that further (partial) stories arise that may have nothing to do with the main storyline but have a lot to do with UNDERSTANDING.

(From Klaus Peter Dencker's foreword)


TERES originated from three wall paintings of work by Dencker, at the University of Applied Sciences in Kiel.


TERES, 84 pages, format 180x180 mm, hardcover, open spine.


Klaus Peter Dencker (born 1941 Lübeck, Germany) is one of the true pioneers of visual poetry. In 1972 he edited the first anthology of visual poetry in Germany, Textbilder - Visuelle Poesie international. He holds a Ph D in German and Japanese and he was Professor of Media-Theory and Media-Practise at the University of Trier. For many years he was an editor and filmmaker at German television and produced more than 100 documentaries. His work has been widely published and exhibited and his collected works have been published in two volumes by Bibliothek der Provinz, Austria. In 2011 he published Optical Poetry. From early pictorial inscriptions to present-day digital experiments, his history of visual poetry and its origins. In 2021 his 80th birthday will be celebrated with exhibitions and events throughout Germany.

Klaus Peter Dencker, TERES

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