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Another gem from our friends at Non Plus Ultra in Copenhagen!


Two Sides by Kevin Stebner features 12 typestracts made on a Remington Performer typewriter in a brown and black color scheme. If you liked Rostellum published by Non Plus Ultra last year, you will love this.


28 pages chapbook, A5 (14,8 cm x 21 cm). High quality digital print on 135 gsm recycled paper. Published by Non Plus Ultra, 2022.


Kevin Stebner is an artist, poet and musician from Calgary, Alberta. He produces visual art using old videogame gear, and is constantly releasing music working on videogame soundtracks with his chiptune project GreyScreen, post-hardcore in his band Fulfilment (having just released their album "10 Colours" this year), as well as alt-country in the band Cold Water (set to release their second full length this year as well). Stebner has spent the quarantine preparing two new manuscripts, his first novel, and over 300 pieces of typewriter visual poems, many of which have been appearing in chapbooks (recently from Lay_Out press, Timglaset, The Blasted Tree, Non Plus Ultra, & No Press). He is also the proprietor of Calgary's best bookstore that's in a shed, Shed Books.

Kevin Stebner, Two Sides

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