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Rostellum is a chapbook by Kevin Stebner featuring ten visual typewriter pieces all in blue and red. Typewritten on a Remington Performer. Printed on 250/135 gsm recycled paper, A5: 148 x 210. 24 pages. Published by Non Plus Ultra 2021.


Kevin Stebner is an artist, poet and musician from Calgary, Alberta. He produces visual art using old videogame gear, and produces music with his chiptune project GreyScreen, post-hardcore in his band Fulfilment, as well as alt-country in the band Cold Water. His first book of poems, Sunshine Policy, is out from Straw Books. Stebner has spent the quarantine preparing two new manuscripts, his first novel, and a large amass of typewriter visual poems. He is also the proprietor of Calgary's best bookstore that's in a shed, Shed Books.

Kevin Stebner, Rostellum

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