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Now in its second edition, with a mystery poem added!


Timglaset Editions is proud to present the first full length collection by  Kate Siklosi (Toronto, Canada). leavings contains 69 visual poems composed on the fragile remains of nature -- leaves, shells, plant stems -- using techniques like dry transfer lettering and sewing.


Kate Siklosi: "This book maps some of my experimentations with what I'm calling a poethic of leaving: of falling away, of stitching back together, of beginning again. Murmuring the borders between landscape and language, these pieces revel in the undone, the undoing, sewing found stories from the severed heap of others. The stutters of wave-worn wood, the golden hum of dying leaves, the whirring of sutured skeletons: in this fugue, the detritus of the natural world speaks to us in a cautionary babble we've acclimated ourselves to forget. In their inherent fragility and demand for care, these leavings (per)form a delicate weaving from the tender threads that entwine us all."


High quality print on 150 gsm MultiDesign Matte NSC paper, 92 pages, format 200 x 270 mm. With an afterword by bill bissett. First edition 150 copies, second edition 100 copies.

Kate Siklosi, leavings

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