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TRIUMPH is the third artists' book from the TYPEWRITTEN imprint, edited and printed by Petra Schulze-Wollgast and published by Plaugolt SatzWechsler and Timglaset Editions. It features 20 typewriter works written on a Triumph Matura typewriter in 2000-01 by Julia Ziegler.


From Ziegler's preface:

"Using the shape of existing characters to set new characters, the symbol becomes a line representing itself. Abstract and figurative impressions merge. This "drawing" is a schematized and at the same time spontaneous process. The typewriter as historical means of rationalization is taken ad absurdum, since the production of drawings is cumbersome and slow. Its shortcomings generate sensual qualities: individual expressions of the signs, shifts, as well as a slight relief."


Julia Ziegler is a visual artist, living in Berlin, Germany.


TRIUMPH was mimeo printed in May 2020 on an old Gestetner 320 by psw in Rostock, Germany. Handbound edition of 45 numbered copies, of which 29 are for sale. A4 format.


Julia Ziegler, TRIUMPH

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