Joshua Smith, By

Joshua Smith, By

By by Joshua Smith is a chapbook featuring eighteen minimal and concrete poems.


One or two words wrestle and fall apart before they quite win the point. Yet something stares out at you from these smashed-up vowels and consonants, like a traffic accident, or a Chamberlain sculpture, an eye or an oh.

- Aram Saroyan


Broken, partial, fractured, distorted—is this poetry in the age of CAPTCHA? In thirty-seven words, Joshua Smith makes us feel the possibilities—and vulnerabilities—of poetic language in contemporary culture.

- Johanna Drucker


Sometimes it’s like we’re in a lab, looking at a language isolated on slides. Sometimes we’re a universe away, looking at the language through a telescope, catching it in small events. By is a book of economy, humor and vision. I have already used more words, describing it, than it itself contains. And am no nearer to explaining away the stillness at the center of it.

- Josh Bell


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Saddle stitch bound. Printed on 250/135 gsm recycled paper, in 50 copies. A6: 105 x 148. 24 pages. Published by Non Plus Ultra, 2021.

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