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pandography: making sense of a bewildering world by Jane Leonard is a chronicle of one author's struggle to cope with lockdown, anxiety and all the other aspects of the pandemic. 


'I pick up a feather. And another. Then another further on. And when I get home, calmed, I lie them beside others I have collected from different places and times. A gentle, feathery chart materialises before me. It maps the state of my heart and tells me what I need to know.

And that’s how it begins, this graphing of beauty and angst, love and fear. It becomes an antidote to the statistics on the news screaming the terrible sta­te of things. And then I start to see them everywhere and a strange story in odd diagrams emerges, showing one person’s – this pandographer’s – expe­rience of a world turned upside down, in a series of graphs.'


Jane Leonard is a writer, artist and educator living between Melbourne and north-east Victoria, Australia.


pandography: making sense of a bewildering world, 36 pages, 140 x 200 mm, high quality, full colour digital print on 150 gsm paper with a 250 gsm cover, saddle stitch bound. Second printing.

Jane Leonard, pandography

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