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Text(ile) is Imogen Reid's first chapbook of visual work, containing 12 text(iles) and an afterword by the author.


'While making the work, I utilized chance interventions such as misprints and misalignments, as well as techniques such as cutting, turning, erasing, repeating and overprinting, as a means by which to rearrange the components of a single page of writing. // ... the words herein are woven together like cloth, a homespun yarn without a narrative or plot. Utilizing these techniques enabled me to gradually transform a once legible text into a printed text(ile) lodged within the texture of the page.'


High quality full colour digital print on matte 120 gsm paper with a 250 gsm cover. Size 180 x 230 mm, 36 pages, saddle stitch bound.


Edition of 99 copies, 21 copies of which come with a custom made charcoal cotton paper dust cover (sold out).


End of the year review by Greg Thomas at Spamzine.

Imogen Reid, Text(ile)

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