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Second edition of this experimental smash hit! Now with a deep blue cover (night edition).


These 50 maps for pataphysical inspections have been printed on transparent paper and can be put on top of any other map, creating new paths of discovery in any landscape. Comes with nine statements by travellers from six different countries in four different languages.


"Whether you’re an unversed walker or a seasoned trekker, this book affords you all the surprises that you might need, whenever you decide to undertake your next hike. If you’re sick of planning your journeys beforehand, or if you’re just keen on forgoing your bearings afterwards, this book lets you find a way to lose yourself en route. If you follow these paths, reading them on any map of your choice, your preordained destination is sure to find you."

Christian Bök


"Es gibt nicht 1000 Orte, die man gesehen haben muss, bevor man stirbt. Es gibt einen einzigen: überall. Dieses Buch ist die Wegbeschreibung dorthin. 50 Expeditionen ins Reich der unsichtbaren Planimetrie, Grenzübertritte in eine Kartographie des gewollten Irrtums. Wer sich verläuft, gehe weiter, um eine Entdeckung zu machen."

Martin Bieri


"... following the dots as if each is a footfall. This means I am no longer pacing but walking, one foot directly in front of the other, recreating the configurations that look like beads, rosary beads in various stages of fulfillment – paths of prayers, prayers are escapes.... These 50 prayer-like excursions involve watching the positioning of your feet and counting steps. When you come to a star, stop, look around, take snapshots from these different vantages. You might assume that many of the snapshots will look similar but there will be slight variations in perspective and lighting. As you accustom yourself to these incremental changes your desire for escape will either increase or decrease. An accumulation of your visual souvenirs will re-create the situation, but only from your particular elevation.  Alternative routes through the same area, indicated by smaller dots, are suitable for a companion, say, a dog – though pets are not permitted in this hotel, especially during quarantine."

Rosaire Appel


Asemic Walks - 50 Templates for Pataphysical Inspections, 112 pages, high quality digital print, perfect bound. 50 black & white maps printed on transparent paper. Format: A5 landscape (210x148 mm)


Reviewed by Levi Sherman at Artists' Book Reviews.

Peter Kennealy (Melbourne, Australia) blogs about his excursions guided by Asemic Walks.


Hartmut Abendschein lives and works in Bern (Switzerland). Latest publications:  Author DNA, Edition Haus am Gern (2019), mn ltztr krnz ei ee aa, edition taberna kritika (2019), niche begonnenes fortsetzen. Text, Kontur, Schatten, edition taberna kritika (2017) More info:

Hartmut Abendschein, Asemic Walks

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