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Greg Thomas' new collection of minimal concrete poems takes off where last year's 'particulates' left off. 'threshholds' extends the same formal inventiveness and unique poetic voice, where the Scottish landscape is always present (and in the second part of this collection also the wilderness of the Faroe Islands).


"In Greg Thomas’s exquisite new collection, meaning emerges at the threshold of sound and sense, breath and form, play and sincerity." (Hanna Tuulikki)


"Vowels and consonants morph into new patterns of thought. The flash and sometime clarity of the words from which they derive contains revelation, not least of scale, but of the fundamentals of speech, language and poetry." (Gerry Loose)


A5 format, 76 pages, black & white high quality digital print with a colour cover. 

Greg Thomas, threshholds

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