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particulates explores the concrete poem, moving from one or two word minimalist poems to complex typographical structures. The poems touch on themes like landscape/nature and the body; circulation of air, the respiration of both people and trees. It is a collection very much rooted in place (Scotland) but timeless in its exploration of language.


"Each poem feel like a syntactic mirage: walking into a room and seeing dust particles in the light." (Colin Herd)

"particulates is a minimalist library of concrete poems that owns its space on the page with a bang." (Astra Papachristodoulou

"Each page proposes a fresh visual experience attuned to the attention of the reader." (Stephen Bann)


Greg Thomas is a poet and scholar, living in Glasgow. He is the author of Border Blurs: Concrete Poetry in England and Scotland.


68 pages, size 148 x 210 mm, printed on Scandia 2000 ivory paper FSC, with one fold-out poem.


Reviewed by Mike Ferguson on his blog gravyfromthegazebo.

Reviewed by JP Seabright at Full House Literary.

Featured on Derek Beaulieu's Most engaging books of 2022.

Reviewed by James Davies in Blackbox Manifold, issue no 29.

Greg Thomas, particulates

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