particulates explores the concrete poem, moving from one or two word minimalist poems to complex typographical structures. The poems touch on themes like landscape/nature and the body; circulation of air, the respiration of both people and trees. It is a collection very much rooted in place (Scotland) but timeless in its exploration of language.


"Each poem feel like a syntactic mirage: walking into a room and seeing dust particles in the light." (Colin Herd)

"particulates is a minimalist library of concrete poems that owns its space on the page with a bang." (Astra Papachristodoulou

"Each page proposes a fresh visual experience attuned to the attention of the reader." (Stephen Bann)


Greg Thomas is a poet and scholar, living in Glasgow. He is the author of Border Blurs: Concrete Poetry in England and Scotland.


68 pages, size 148 x 210 mm, printed on Scandia 2000 ivory paper FSC, with one fold-out poem.


Reviewed by Mike Ferguson on his blog gravyfromthegazebo.

Reviewed by JP Seabright at Full House Literary.

Greg Thomas, particulates

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