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This wee chapbook (20 pages) opens up to a whole digital world of poems, readings, animation and music! The visual poems within the book's covers are all manipulated QR-codes, turning the black and white squares we know into either abstract art or fanciful bugs and creatures. They are however also fully functioning QR-codes which will lead you further into Watcher, a true intermedia work by Canadian poets Gary Barwin and Elee Kraljii Gardiner.


20 pages, A5 format (149x210 mm), printed on 150g Scandia 2000 ivory paper, saddle-stitch.


Visuals, text, music, and video by Gary Barwin and Elee Kraljii Gardiner.

Vocals, music, and video of Blue Hands by Amy Correia.

Gary Barwin (he/him) lives in Hamilton, ON, Canada.

Elee Kraljii Gardiner (she/her) lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Gary Barwin & Elee Kraljii Gardiner, Watcher

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