ege berensel, process poems

ege berensel, process poems

The second artist's book in the TYPEWRITTEN series, edited and produced by Plaugolt SatzWechsler and published by psw and Timglaset Editions, is process poems by Turkish poet and artist ege berensel. These poems were written on an Oliver Courier typewriter between 1995 and 2000. The book contains 9 process poems, all of them processed variations on poems by pioneers like bpNichol, Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt and Claus Bremer, a manifesto and a printer's summary page.


Gregory Betts, poet (If Language, Others Raisd in Me, Boycott) and professor at Brock University, Canada:

"These are futurist poems! Tidy, tiny twists of language, they thread the DNA of typed form into models of texts programmed to make more texts. Ege Beresenl returns to the atomic age of concrete to re-mix metaphors and set sail across the seize of language, adrift on the cloud of the typewritten imge=image=gemi=ship.”


ege berensel: A Small Manifesto for Process-Poem 

1.Process: critical unleashing of always new structures. Process is a necessary dynamic relationship between diverse structures or the components of a given structure, constituting concretization of the time-space continuum: movement=to operate solutions. 

2.A poem must involve the process in which it is made. 

3.Once the idea of the poem is established in the poet's mind and the  final form is decided, the process is carried out blindly. There are many side-effects that the poet cannot imagine. These may be used as ideas for new works. 

4.The process is mechanical and should not be tampered with. It  should run its course. 

5.In Process-Poetry, words dissolve, unconcentrate, decentrify, bifurcate on their syllables. 

6.What is more, the value of each word is modified by the fact that the poem belongs to a flux but not to a static system. 

(Ludwiński, De Campos, LeWitt, Buren, Roubaud, Garnier) 


Ege Berensel (born in 1968 in Muğla) is a media artist and visual researcher based in Ankara. Lectured Aesthetics and Critics in METU in 2013.  He was awarded with “Panoptikon” and “Mü/hür”  at film festivals nationally and internationally. His video installation “here (t) here” was exhibited at the "B Zone" at the KW Berlin in 2005, and then at the Fundació Antoni Tapies, in Barcelona in 2007. The “Hill Doesn’t Chant Anymore” was exhibited in the 10th International İstanbul Biennial.  In 2015 his multi screen video installation “Dinamo Mesken” was exhibited in SALT Ulus.  In 2016 his two video installation “State Lesson” and “Militant Cinema” were exhibited in the exhibition “We Won’t Leave” in Goethe-Institut Ankara.  His found video “1963” was exhibited at “Summer Homes: Claiming The Coast” in Salt Beyoğlu in 2014 and his visual research project “Imagery School” was exhibited at “Idealist School, Productive Studio” in Salt Galata in 2018. In 2018 he participated at the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial as a tutor at the workshop of Lab of lab’s. In 2019 his visual research project "Women's Films" was exhibited in the exhibition "When Present is History" curated by Daphne Vitali in DEPO İstanbul He is the founder of “8mm Turkish Family Film Archive” and Anarchive Archive Collective.


ege berensel, process poems, 32 pages, size A4 landscape. Printed by psw on a Gestetner 320 mimeograph, March 2020, Handbound edition of 45 copies of which 29 are for sale. The TYPEWRITTEN series is edited by psw and published by Plaugolt SatzWechsler and Timglaset Editions. 


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