RSI is the sixth artist's book in the TYPEWRITTEN series, edited by psw and published by Plaugolt SatzWechsler and Timglaset. This book contains 18 typewriter drawings and a printer’s summary page. Printed on psw's Gestetner 320 mimeograph, handbound edition of 45 copies of which 29 are for sale, 40 pages, A4 size.


CDN Warren's foreword:

“Each of the works that comprise RSI are a quiet thank you to the machine on which they were made. They simply could not have been produced by any other means. They have all been made using a single ribbon and an Olivetti Roma, with the later works becoming what they are by the inevitable running-out of ink on the reel or the slow degradation of the typeface through countless hours of repeated use.

Produced in Beijing in 2017, the work in RSI contains surprises and frustrations that weren’t at all intended when the idea was conceived and have within them a playful sense of movement designed to confound the static nature of the machine from which they came. The Olivetti and I have produced much work since RSI, but it is this collection of which I am most fond.”


Sold out here but still available for purchase at psw's webshop.

CDN Warren, RSI

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