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Bland gester ("Among Gestures") was conceived as an homage to Marcel Duchamp. The work follows from the title, an anagram of Adlers' name. Using the phrase as a starting point Adlers was remined of one of Duchamp's latest works, Morceaux choisis d´après Ingres ("Selected Details after Ingres") (1967), in which the artist in drawings combines scenarios from paintings by Ingres. In Bland gester Adlers has isolated three gestures from Duchamp's series. Using sepia and a Chinese brush, those gestures have been committed to paper in a manner itself gestural. The original work is painted on three different materials: parchment from Pergamon, Egyptian papyrus and Chines rice paper. This edition reproduces the original work on 200 gsm NSC paper.


Bland gester, six pages, handbound with jute string and a cover of brown cardboard. A4 format.

Languages: French, English, Swedish (the title only). Signed and numbered edition of 99 copies.

Bengt Adlers, Bland gester

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