Anna Hedenrud, on ameocha

Anna Hedenrud, on ameocha

"I wanted to work with obscuring the meaning of a text by camouflaging it, but still keep the feeling of the text intact. Using digital and manual techniques, I simplified eight of my ink drawings of chameleons to create eight new syllables. The cover artwork and full-page artworks also stem from this working process.


The title of the work, on ameocha, translates to 'the alphabet'. I write about an alphabet surrounding the world, and being the world as be pronounce and write the world using the alphabet. The alphabet consisting of arbitrary signs we have invented. We are soaking in the alphabet, and we create meaning using the alphabet, and the alphabet is soaking in us."


Andrew Brenza, author of Automatic Souls:

”In on ameocha, Hedenrud braids us through a world of interdependence. As asemics point to sound poem which points to image, and all the variations thereof, we are wrapped in threads of suggested meanings, made human by them, and made whole by the circularity of being both created by and creators of signification. It is a remarkable accomplishment, and an exhilarating read!”


Carina Fihn, artist:

on ameocha takes me to a mysterious borderland between text and image and I feel a primordial enticement in trying to interpret this alien alphabet, to understand its system and its calligraphic elements. It’s a playful and poetic enigma to solve, a secret language to decode. Pronouncing the characters loudly to myself, I want to know their sound. I want to feel the tone.”


Anna Hedenrud is a Swedish visual artist, musician, and writer. She thrives in the interface between different forms of art and expressions and runs Viktlösheten press, based on the west-coast of Sweden, together with visual poet and artist David Kjellin.

Anna Hedenrud, on ameocha, 24 pages, 126 x 184 mm. Printed on Munken Pure 120 gsm, with a cover on Munken Pure 200 gsm, at Mediaverkstaden Skåne, Malmö, Sweden. Handbound in an edition of 60 copies.


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