Andreas Bülhoff, Voxel Poems

Andreas Bülhoff, Voxel Poems

Voxel Poems is a series of 11 cubic poems, realized as an analogue building set and in digital simulation. Connecting all sides — and building or simulating a poetic object — morphs each text into an endlessly looped stairway. Words wandering around the edges of a model: a miraculous reading device.

Published by Still Magazine. Softcover, U-clip binding, 13 pp, 19,7 x 19,7 cm. Edition of 50 numbered copies. 


Andreas Bülhoff is a Berlin-based poet and literary scholar working at the intersections of text, technology and artistic research. His recent publications include die außenwelt der innenwelt der außenwelt (parasitenpresse 2016) and Pandoras Puzzle Box (EXC 2017). He has been publishing one zine every week since 2018 at


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