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Second printing of this long sold out first TYPEWRITTEN book available now! Only 30 copies are for sale.


The first book under the TYPEWRITTEN imprint: S ACE   P by Amanda Hurtado (USA). S ACE P is a retyping of Clark Coolidge’s 1970 book SPACE in which each word is separated according to the touch-type conventions of the QWERTY keyboard. The left-hand side of each page contains only those letters typed with the left hand, and the right-hand side only those typed with the right, and with appropriate spaces maintained in each case for the displaced letters. S ACE   P was typed on a IBM Selectric Composer, the same machine used to set Coolidge’s original. This edition contains the first chapter and a printer's summary page.


Second edition mimeo printed by psw and handbound in an edition of 40 numbered copies. 40 pages, format A4 landscape.


Professor Craig Dworkin:

"Amanda Hurtado’s S ACE P is one of the smartest projects I have ever read.


On the one hand, it demonstrates the rewards of conducting meticulous media archaeology (investigating the specific model of typewriter used to compose Clark Coolidge’s landmark collection SPACE [Harper & Row, 1970]) combined with an awareness  of the corporeality of inscription. By reverse-engineering the scene of writing, Hurtado is able to visualize and dramatize the choreographic dance of Coolidge’s fingers across the keys, revealing poems and passages that favor one hand or the other, and that suggest the distractions, interruptions, and activities (smoking?) which accompanied Coolidge’s compositions — with prosodic and stylistic consequences otherwise invisible even to the most attentive close reader.


On the other hand, this work of media-specific analysis and data visualization is also a direct response to Language Poetry from the moment of Conceptual Writing, and the result is a shimmering constellation of visual poetry that Stéphane Mallarmé would salute, a work of constraint-based writing that would impress the OuLiPo, and a serious series of poems of reduced reference in their own right, which take the poetic legacy of Coolidge’s most radically abstracted work one step further."


More info about the S ACE   P project:


Amanda Hurtado, S ACE P

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