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Sound Patterns is a collaboration between visual artist Amanda de Frumerie and composer and musician Aina Myrstener (both Stockholm, Sweden), the starting point being ten mysterious drawings by de Frumerie, originally made with silver pen. Using the shapes in the drawings as her input Myrstener has created ten graphic music scores.


The drawings are printed on 300 gsm matte paper and the corresponding scores on transparent paper. Each drawing is visible through the transparent paper of the corresponing score. The cover drawing of the cover of the book is printed in silver foil. The book also comes with a guide how to interpret the symbols of the graphic scores and a short introduction by the artists.


This book was officially released Friday 25 August at Galleri Toppen Stockholm, when five outstanding musicians interpreted five of the musical scores from the book.


Printed in an edition of 99 copies, ringbound, size 250 x 316 mm.



In this book, two artists from different disciplines have driven each other forward by each taking inspiration from the other’s work. They have created images and graphic notation. Amanda de Frumerie’s explorations of the sculptural dimensions of drawing in silver, encounter Aina Myrstener’s musical interpretations. In this publication the silver drawings are printed in grey, but the cover image gives you a sense of the qualities of the originals. The original drawings were exhibited in 2023.


The images in silver spring from a fascination for patterns and an interest in the mystical figures of imaginary creatures and ancient stone formations. In the silver drawings, the image simultaneously emerges and recedes as you look at it from different angles, and you can always find some new exciting aspect in it. There are possible interpretations in the drawings, and in the graphic notation there are several elaborate symbols that can be followed throughout the book. This book can be experienced both with the eyes and the ears. The pictures are primarily for looking at but they can also inspire musical improvisation. There is no right or wrong, the pieces can be performed by any acoustic instrument.


Aina Myrstener and Amanda de Frumerie

Amanda de Frumerie & Aina Myrstener, Sound Patterns

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