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3 questions for Danni Storm

What does the title "testbillede" mean and what did you set out to achieve with this work?   

The title is a wordplay. ”Testbillede” can be translated into ”test image” or ”test card”. With a lot of my work, I want to visualize situations, feelings and words. In this work I visualized this, using repetition of the word ”test” to emphasize its presence. By making the text blurry, unfocused or maybe even trembling, I tried to emphasize the anxiety associated with the word ”test”. That the body of the text almost mimics a screen or a web just makes it a bit more terrifying, I think.

Do you work in other styles too?  

I try not to limit myself to working within one style or genre. At the moment I am into typestracts, tomorrow probably something else. It varies a lot.   

You're starting up your own publishing imprint - tell me about it!

I started Non Plus Ultra a little while ago with a desire to publish concrete and visual poetry. I have three publications on the way. A collection of asemic writings by Danish artist Ragnhild Christiansen, another collection of asemic writings by Danish artist Christian Bang Jensen and a broadsheet by myself. I am also working on a website with a webshop for prints and publications. You can follow @nonplusultracph on Instagram to see what is going on.

testbillede was published by Timglaset on April 13 2019.

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